by John Weatherford

While talking about the one person in her life who can turn her heart to mush, Carolyn tells of her son, Eli, and his earliest response to her return home, even if only going to get the paper: “Mama, you’re home.”

I understand his feelings and so make that response to her return to the cabaret solo show after a decade absence.

Carolyn Montgomery-Forant is a terrific singer, filled with passion and humor. I’ll take the liberty of calling her mama because she welcomes her audience into her heart and soul. Anyone who knows Carolyn is aware of her humanity; she sees the world as a place that we must all embrace and nurture if it is survive. And, embrace it she does.

I have a firm belief about the responsibility of performers, regardless of their chosen venue. That belief understands the use of performance/life energy to free an audience from their personal pain. By doing this their bodies are allowed to activate their power of self-healing.

I am fortunate to know a few of these incredible individuals. They know who they are. Carolyn is among this select group who, when they step on to a stage, activate this performance power.

She fulfills this responsibility to Talent, with a capital T. It is my belief that creating this use of Talent is done by knowledge and repetition of that knowledge to muscle memory. This frees the performer’s energy to embrace the energy of the audience, thus resulting in the marvel of self-healing.

Carolyn has surrounded herself with collaborators who share her level of talent and commitment:

Eric Michael Gillett, Don Rebic, Jay Rogers, Sean Harkness, Tom Hubbard, Jonathan Kantor and Richard Huntley are all known and respected for their expertise.

Her back-up singers, Rebecca Kendall, Margaret Kelly and Stephanie Thomas understand their value of enhancing and empowering the incredible musical arrangements.

Carolyn Montgomery-Forant is a singer, songwriter and actress, who knows how to take an idea for a show and transform it into an experience to remember. You may think I’m a little smitten with this lady. Well, if that means I believe she delivers the goods, then yes, I’m smitten.

*Photos/Video: Russ Weatherford

November 21, 2014