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The Metropolitan Room has brought “From Piaf to Mambo,” Maria Elena Infantino, a bright new talent accompanied by Ric Mandell, who portrays the life, philosophy and songs that made Edith Piaf the Icon of French Music, of whom 2015 marks her 100th birthday.

Her acclaimed one woman show impersonating legendary french singer Edith Piaf, is in occasion of the artist’s upcoming 100th anniversary….singing hits in French and English that made Piaf famous around the world in the 50’s! Famous repertoire which includes “La vie En Rose” “No regrets” “Milord” and additional French recognizable tunes…in between songs there are also some spoken extracts taken from what Edith Piaf said in her own show at the Carnegie Hall on January 13th 1957.

Maria Elena then transforms in front of the audience and switches the show into an Italian vibe, starting with Mambo Italiano, Volare’, and many 50’s Italian hits that were sung in English too!

“Channeling “the little sparrow” — Édith Piaf — Infantino’s mimicry is uncanny, she also invests her renditions with just the right dose of theatricality, as seen in dramatic gestures and posturing. Yet there’s a delicacy and intimacy to her performance that builds to a festive and carnival-esque enthusiasm with the sing-along crowd-pleaser “Milord.”….Pauline Adamek, StageRaw.com, Herb Albert’s Vibrato Grill, LA

“Great presence on stage, superb voice and wonderful personality, Maria Elena Infantino is a fantastic performer.” ….. Claude Budin-Juteau , LA Correspondent Fr2 Television

“I was lucky enough to see Edith Piaf when I was a young woman, and Maria Elena channels her so brilliantly – capturing her pain and her talent. And when she sings in Italian, the show takes a joyful turn. A delightful evening – don’t miss it!” ….. Doris Roberts, Actress (5-time Emmy Winner, Everybody Loves Raymond)

Metropolitan Room – 212 206-0440  – one show remaining April 26th, Sunday at 9:30 pm

Photos/Video: Russ Weatherford