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By: Sandi Durell


Just another freezing winter night in Manhattan made warm all over by marvelous Marilyn Maye opening another show at the Metropolitan Room on January 3rd.  With snow making the going rough, the temperatures dropping, no one is deterred.  The room is filled to capacity.  Everyone who was to be there, made it to their destination.  Rain, sleet, snow – nothing stops the Marilyn Maye fan from reaching their destination! The party is on.

What’s that “it” factor?  – – that unique phenomenon that keeps audiences thrilled, riveted, cheering and wanting more, more!

It’s truth.   Can she sing?  Of course, and better than most. But, there’s her inherent ability to envelope her listener in a world of truthfulness.  You can’t make it up, you can’t hide it.  When she sings “I Love Being Here With You,” and “Embraceable You/I’ve Grown Accustomed to Your Face,” she doesn’t want to be anywhere else.  It’s a love fest of mutual satisfaction. Why she even pens some original lyrics to punctuate the pleasure.

Time is so precious and Ms. M won’t waste a millisecond of it as she shares what’s in her heart and on her mind – – her “Secret of Life/Here’s To Life,” the meaning profound.

But it’s not all serious and tearful because she knows how to pepper and salt with playfulness – “You Can Eat Crackers in My Bed Anytime” (Morgan/Fleming) and give advice (Get Yourself A) “Rich Man.”

Since the show is designed as an evening by request (both the audience and her own), it’s always amazing to hear how many people have a great time sitting in the dark, drinking and crying – relating to a stream of sad songs (“Breaking Up Is Hard to Do,” “Am I Blue” In the Wee Small Hours,” “Where or When,” “ My Buddy,” “What’ll I do”) – – oh, get me a tissue! I love it!

Bottom line – you’ll laugh, cry and beg for more with “Marilyn By Request” January 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12 at 7 pm accompanied by the one and only Billy Stritch on piano, Tom Hubbard on bass and Ray Marchica on drums.

Tickets: Metropolitan Room 212 206-0440

*Photos/Video by: Sandi Durell