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by: Sandi Durell




There’s no other entertainer in our cabaret world (and beyond) who does it as well as Mark Nadler. He’s one-of-a-kind and I say this because his talents and capabilities soar to a stratosphere only few have found. A triple threat and much more!  This current show at 54 Below, “Addicted to the Spotlight” is, by far, his most personal as he relates in song, dance and dialog, stories about his life, tragic and elating. But the bottom line is the dedication and love he has, as a performer, to the art of show biz. And so, choosing to highlight Danny Kaye and Al Jolson and their music, makes perfect sense since they, too, were addicted and dedicated to the spotlight. Stories abound – not only about Mr. Nadler, but the personal as well as commercial aspects of the lives and loves of these kindred spirits.

“Let Me Sing and I’m Happy” says more than Nadler could say in hundreds of shows – but he not only sings, he’s a consummate virtuoso on the piano (since a wee lad), in the middle of which you find him doing a soft shoe tap number and cooking up some linguine! And what a natty dresser is Mr. Nadler!

Take a peek at some of the video and you’ll see just what I mean. Remarkable, eh?

You only have one more chance to witness this extraordinary talent on April 15th at 7 p.m. as he will, once again, pour his heart and soul into what he loves most – entertaining. With him are Nick Russo on guitar and banjo and Tom Hubbard on bass.

www.54Below.com (646) 476-3551
254 West 54th Street (Cellar) NYC

Photos/video: Sandi Durell

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