Mark William (Photo Maryann Lopinto)


By Sandi Durell


It’s always gratifying to watch young talent make their way up the ladder of success. In this case, it’s Mark William who, once again, knocked it out of the ballpark, not only vocally, but with a new and commanding assurance in his latest show. And he’s got even more to shout about . . . Winner! Best Debut Show, Best Independent Recording (Broadway World) along with a MAC Nomination for Best Male Debut. Pretty hefty!

This guy’s got “A Lot of Livin’ To Do” in favorite “Never, Neverland” where his theatrical savvy moves with precise pacing. Having met the inspiring Jerry Herman when he appeared in Mame with Leslie Uggams, Mark easily makes his way through “Put On Your Sunday Clothes” with his singular panache and storytelling abilities – the two relevant points highlighted in the evening’s songs.

Peter Allen songs bring out exceptional arrangements by musical director Clint Edwards (with kick-ass band in tow) as William’s sensitive vocals are aided by his tap moves in what he calls monster boots – – “I Am Not The Boy Next Door.”


Mark Willliam (Photo Genevieve Rafter Keddy)


A show filled with many great song choices (some of which we’ve heard plus new additions), William adds insight into his life, family, dreams and desires and favorite singers, like Steve Lawrence and Frank Sinatra . . . a kind of getting to know you that serves him well.

As he moves into more pop territory, it’s exemplified by Bruno Mars’ rock ballad “Amazing Just the Way you Are” juxtaposed with a Judy Garland chestnut “The Trolley Song” in a uniquely styled 21st Century arrangement and delivery.

Yes, Mark William is, and should be, “Feeling Good” as he takes in his loving audience filled with a who’s who in show biz . . . Paige Davis, Harvey Evans, Klea Blackhurst, Warren Carlyle, Stacy Sullivan, Sidney Myer, Lisa Mordente and the iconic Chita Rivera.

Mark proudly talks about his debut album “Come Croon With Me” (for sale at the show) and showed off his songwriting skills with an original “Wherever We Land.”


Mark William (Photo Maryann Lopinto)


What’s next? Can’t wait to find out ‘cause I know something’s coming and it’s gonna be great!


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The Band

Mark William, Chita Rivera, Harvey Evans

Preston Ridge, Mark William, Harvey Evans, Chita Rivera, Warren Carlyle, Richard Ridge


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