Hear what cast members, playwright and director have to say.


The cast of MCC’s latest offering Smokefall, by Noah Haidle, directed by Anne Kauffman, met with the press for photos and interviews and some insight into the haunting new family drama where magical realism collides with manic vaudeville. Imagine a pair of Twins in womb swapping philosophies as they await their birth! This is a wholly original play that unearths family connections we all stretch and warp across the years but can never quite break.


Leading the cast is Emmy nominated Zachary Quinto (American Horror Story, Star Trek, The Glass Menagerie), film and TV’s Robin Tunney (The Mentalist, Empire Records, The Craft) a debut for newcomer Julia Garner and theater vets Jon DeVries (Major Barbara, Wayside Motor Inn) and Brian Hutchison (Exit the King, Proof).

Lucille Lortel Theatre (121 Christopher Street) previews Feb. 4, opens Feb. 22 thru Mar. 13   www.mcctheater.org 


Interviews: Sandi Durell

Filming/Photos: Magda Katz