‘The Press’



By Sandi Durell


In the continuing saga to promote the Blue Wave, the producers and creative team of Me The People are currently ensconced at The Laurie Beechman Theatre (West Bank Café) two evenings a week through November 6. With a talented cast of ardent young performers, including Aiesha Dukes, Ashley Leon, Joe Marx, Jimmy Robertson, Vanessa Robinson, Mia Weinberger, writer Nancy Holson (book & Lyrics) together with music director/arranger James Higgins, they have relied upon many familiar tunes, parodied to the limits, to get their points across, and leaving no one unscathed in their Trump bashing efforts.


“Ivanka and Jared”


Welcome to Mar-a-Lago and the Trump International Lounge where anyone and everyone suspect, or not, is shamed, including Mike Pence, Melania, Manafort, Jared and Ivanka, WikiLeaks, Nixon, Maxine Waters, as each presidential day is accounted for with another poke at the Trump Administration. Bring ‘em on: Kelly Ann, Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen, Paul Ryan with clever little ditties like “Rockin’ Robin” (tweet, tweet. . . with appropriate bird costume) to the Statue of Liberty (“I Will Survive”) along with “Hava Dilemma”(Jews and Palestinians), and Kim Jong-un and Putin – no one is left out!


“The Twitter Bird”


They have their way with a big-earred Jeff Sessions, Comey, Mueller, and “Tutti Fruitti (I’m Rudy).” They’re up to the minute bashing Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh and it’s Day 542. Seems things change minute to minute to keep current with rewrites and additions. Why you’ll even hear what Freud might have said, along with a mouthful from Hillary.

Clever and very often witty, but it’s the same narrative over and over. To unleash unabashed anger and continue an often low-level divisive approach to politics (the unending derogatives and four-letter words, are they really necessary?), rather than try to find a gentler, kinder path that might, in fact, bring people together instead of tearing the country apart! Yes, I admit, I’m just a lowly independent who would prefer to see this country walk the high road, rather than the low road. Something to contemplate!


Photos: Stephen Schwartz