Jerry DIxon, Mario Cantone


by: Sandi Durell


The New Group continues its successes with Mark Gerrard‘s debut as a playwright, the return of Cynthia Nixon directing (Rasheeda Speaking), and the several couples who have now gone down their path as part of the LGBT movement, getting everything they wished for – marriage, a family, a white picket fence and now facing the big question “what’s it all about?”


Cynthia Nixon, Director

There’s Steven (Matt McGrath) who considers himself a failed chorus boy turned into a stay-at-home dad having another birthday as uncertainty and fear creeps into his daily life.  He’s wondering if his partner Stephen (Malcolm Gets) is cheating on him and why one of his best friends, Carrie (Ashlie Atkinson) is dying of cancer. They’re a group of theater-loving buddies going through midlife crisis and facing mortality. Mario Cantone is Steven’s best friend and his partner is played by real-life partner Jerry Dixon. It’s all about relationships, biting and bitter-sweet, and being faced with aging and that ticking time clock.  The cast is rounded out by Francisco Pryor Garat who plays Esteban, a waiter.


Matt McGrath, Malcolm Gets

Theater Pizzazz’ Sandi Durell was there to speak with the cast and creatives, along with Magda Katz on camera to find out more. Listen to what they had to say! Filmed at The New 42nd Street Studios, 229 West 42nd Street.

Steve opens in previews Nov. 3rd, with an official opening night set for Nov. 18th at the Pershing Square Signature Center (Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre) 480 West 42nd Street, running thru Dec. 27th. Ticket Central 212 279-4200, www.thenewgroup.org

Photos/Film: Magda Katz