by: Magda Katz


Melissa’s Choice, a new play by award-winning playwright Steven Somkin, opens May 5 for a limited run thru May 22nd at Theatre Row’s Lion Theatre, 410 West 42nd St.

Set in a remote campsite of a national forest in Oregon, 28-year-old Melissa Golden, a lawyer, women’s rights advocate and staunch environmentalist who believes in population control, must face the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy and her own surprising reaction to it.

Somkin, a former physician, has provided a unique backdrop for this humor-laced drama, and has populated it with a rich diversity of characters. In the process he attempts to alter the way we approach the discussion about reproductive rights, which too often gets trivialized as a “pro or con” issue. The play also opens the door for deeper conversations addressing what it means to love another human being, how we choose to meet life’s challenges, and how we as individuals handle complex issues and make decisions that affect others.

TheaterPizzazz had an opportunity to attend rehearsal. Meet the cast here!