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Members of the press were invited for photos and interviews of some of the cast members of the first ever Broadway revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s iconic Cats. It took place in front of the Neil Simon Theater on on West 52 Street on July 14.  The Cats were hot and so was the press – temperature wise. But those cats stayed cool enough to share some tidbits.

The new generation of CATS has some new twists and turns for the meow meows and includes British Singing Sensation, Leona Lewis as “Grizabella,” Giuseppe Bausilio as “Carbucketty,” Quentin Earl Darrington as “Old Deuteronomy,” Jeremy Davis as “Skimbleshanks,” Kim Fauré as “Demeter,” Sara Jean Ford as “Jellylorum,” Lili Froehlich as “Electra,” Daniel Gaymon as “Macavity,” Shonica Gooden as “Rumpleteazer,” Christopher Gurr as “Gus/Bustopher Jones,” Tyler Hanes as “Rum Tum Tugger,” Andy Huntington Jones as “Munkustrap,” Kolton Krouse as “Tumblebrutus,” Eloise Kropp as “Jennyanydots / Gumbie,” Jess LeProtto as “Mungojerrie,” Georgina Pazcoguin as “Victoria,”Emily Pynenburg as “Cassandra,” Arianna Rosario as “Sillabub,” Ahmad Simmons as “Alonzo,” Christine Cornish Smith “Bombalurina,” Corey John Snide as “Coricopat,” Emily Tate as “Tantomile,” Ricky Ubeda as “Mistoffelees,” and Sharrod Williams as “Pouncival,”as well as Richard Todd Adams, Aaron J. Albano,Callan Bergmann, Claire Camp, Francesca Granell, Jessica Hendy, Harris Milgrim, Madison Mitchell, Nathan Patrick Morgan and Megan Ort.

For the first-ever Broadway revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s iconic musical, CATS launched an online ticket lottery. The CATS Digital Lottery will open daily at 10:00 a.m. EST and 8:30 a.m. for matinee performances, beginning Thursday, July 14, 2016, for entrants to win a limited number of $40 same day tickets to that day’s performance(s) by clicking here. See below for rules and regulations. The CATS digital lottery is powered by Broadway Direct.


Photos: Sandi Durell

Video: Magda Katz