Metropolitan Zoom’s Premium Virtual Venue Experiences.This month they will celebrate their “Almost 1-year Studio A, Anniversary.” event with a NYC Talent Showcase event, hosted by Maria Giorgio on Fri Sep 17 at 7 PM Eastern.  It is Free to loyal members, that’s YOU.  To reserve your Complimentary seat, go to TALENT SHOWCASE.  Make sure to add your PROMO CODE, ‘LOYALTY‘ when reserving your virtual seat.

Check out the shows at MetZoom and get your tickets at CALENDAR OF SHOWS
MetropolitanZoom presents some of the finest performing artists in NYC today.  This event is hosted by Jazz and Blues singer, Maria GiorgioSun Sep 19, 2 PM est

BOB O’HARE – It’s a New World ~ Celebrating Ira Gershwin Tue Sep 21, 7 PM est

Suzanna Ross ~ Make a Brand-New Start Sat Sep 23, 7 PM Pacific

PAMELA CLAY ~ Sweet September Show Sat Oct 2, 7 PM est

FAITH AMOUR Sat Oct 9, 7 PM est

Comic Super Heroes ~ Randi Kaplan, Tracy Rosenberg & Mary Dimino. They’re flabulous! A fun-filled romp into the minds of some of New York’s finest female comedians. Check the Calendar!