Kristoffer Lowe

Kristoffer Lowe



Ddavid LaMarr, Kristoffer Lowe, Joanna Morton Gary

David LaMarr, Kristoffer Lowe, Joanna Morton Gary





The tall and willowy Kristoffer Lowe proved to be a mighty oak, pulling off a dramatic win last night, as he became the 2014 MetroStar at the Metropolitan Room in New York. The Alabama native, who is a relative newcomer to cabaret, edged out his two nearest co-finalists — David LaMarr (1st runner-up) and Joanna Morton Gary (2nd runner-up) — both of whom seemed to be flirting with a win. After two weeks of finals, LaMarr, who moved to New York just three months ago from California, and Gary, a veteran performer with proud roots in the Catskills, had their many proponents. But it was Lowe’s consistency and his ability to grow gracefully under the pressure that proved to be his winning combination. The two other Top 5 finalists were Lindsey Holloway and Leah Jennings.

As the eight-week competition revved up to its exciting five-finalist finale, Lowe, who has previously plied his trade over the past few years in regional theatre and cruise ships, had demonstrated a powerful acting ability. With meticulous ease he seemed to find humor and insight in his song choices, and he also was patient about revealing increasingly personal details about his unique upbringing in the South, which he offered with tender, often self-deprecating charm.

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