By Sandi Durell while “Making the Rounds with Russ”


1655772_10152908501722527_5893282181404266262_o At 6:30 pm last night (January 1st) the Metropolitan Room pre-show festivities got underway as a Mariachi Band, guacamole, salsa and champagne greeted early arrivals awaiting the start of the Challenge for the Guinness Book of Records Longest Variety Show Ever that began at 7 pm and at 7:09 am this morning (January 2), the Metropolitan Room has now taken over that record and continues for a total of 60 hours of non-stop entertainment to be assured of that title for a long time, if not forever!

It’s all very official with Stage Directors, Expert Witnesses, Stewards, Chiefs of Staff making certain it all runs according to Guinness rules.

10854853_10152908500572527_933799676969573353_oYours truly was an Expert Witness, paired with the inimitable Ricky Ritzel, for the opening segment that began with owner-managing director Bernie Furshpan and his gorgeous wife Joanne opening the ceremonies, introducing Grand Marshall Joe Franklin, with hook in hand, just in case a performer didn’t obey the rules of presenting for a total period of 10 minutes or less on stage. And that hook was used a couple of times while I was present!











In the mix last night were Rick Jensen, both on piano as a solo act, and as accompanist for Lina Koutrakos, Lisa Yaeger and more; other performers included Adam Shapiro, Janice Hall, Marcus Simeone, Frans Bloem, Hedda Lettuce, Michael Six Muldoon, Steve Schalchlin (solo) and accompanying Jim Brochu, Jay Rogers and Aaron Morishita, Aaron Weinstein with Jon Weber, Richard Holbrook and many others. Several different hosts introduced the acts including Bernie, Dana Lorge and Warren Schein and Dorothy Bishop.

10914716_10152908506332527_8524941140674082131_oAnd the entertainment continues thru till 7 a.m. on January 4th!

If you want to be a part of history, here’s the way to make it happen:

Get Tickets at www.metropolitanroom.com or by calling 212 206-0440

TheaterPizzazz.com is a Sponsor for this event.

You can see it in live stream on computer by registering at www.LivAmp.com


Photos: Russ Weatherford (click all photos to enlarge)

Video: Magda Katz