Bernie and Joanne Furshpan



By Sandi Durell



With rumors swirling and many folks talking about our beloved Metropolitan Room, I wanted to get it, as they say, straight from the ‘horse’s mouth.’ In this case, the managing partner, our dear friend Bernie Furshpan with whom I spoke and who sent me the following:



“Dear Friends of Metropolitan Room,


We have a bit of news that we’d like to share with you.  Last year, our lease ended and instead of signing a new lease in our existing location, we decided to look for another space that will offer more to our artists and fans.  The process of venue hunting has been long because of our high standards with finding the right place for our venue.  We’ve been looking for a space that offers room for at least two showrooms, a restaurant and piano bar.  We located our new home on W. 29th Street and have been in negotiations and hope to be signing a lease and in construction in the very near future.


The Metropolitan Room is a cultural icon in NYC and you were all part of that and we want to continue its legacy for many years to come.  Our new space will be one of the best venues in NYC and will attract music lovers from around the world.  We’re excited about our move and thank all of you who’ve supported our organization over the years.


Because we’ll need to move from our present location, we’ll be continuing presenting shows at our temporary home, The Triad Theatre on West 72 Street.


Please look at our website, for additional announcements and information.




Bernie Furshpan, Peter Leavy, Joanne Furshpan, Tom Gamblin, Joseph Macchia”