For the second time, librettist-lyricist Michael Colby celebrated a birthday featuring songs from his career and the many shows he’s written with a variety of collaborator composers. The Big 65th Birthday event took place at the Triad Theater to a packed house on October 30 to benefit Child Find of America.

To celebrate, Michael gathered up some of the finest Broadway and Cabaret performers, many of whom have participated in original roles from his shows.  Accompanied by Greg Kenna on piano, directed by Sara Louise Lazarus, the songs flowed, the audience cheered and host Michael Colby grinned from ear to ear with pleasure, nostalgia and excitement.

Performers included: Bethe Austin,Joan Barber, Ryan Bauer-Walsh, P.J. Benjamin, Stephen Berger, Olivia Broome, Lori Tan Chinn, Connor Coughlin, Erin Cronican, Natalie Douglas, Sandi Durell, Peggy Eason, Mary Feinsinger, Louisa Flaningam, Eric Michael Gillett, Jeff Harnar, Ellen Harvey, Jeff Keller, Jayson Kerr, Eddie Korbich, Rob Langeder, Jeanne Lehman, Randie Levine-Miller, N’Kenge, Stacie Perlman, Gretchen Reinhagen, Daryl Sherman, Neva Small, TADA! Youth Theater members, Maureen Taylor, Ted Williams.

Composers: Ed Alstrom, Artie Bressler, Kenneth Faulkner-Alexander, Mary Feinsinger, James Fradrich, Ned Paul Ginsburg, John C. Introcaso, Paul Katz, Gerald Jay Markoe, Peter Millrose, Steven Silverstein, Jack Urbont.

Michael Colby is now thinking about the possibility of his 80th Birthday Celebration!


Photos: Maryann Lopinto

Video: Magda Katz