by: Sandi Durell


When Michael Urie (Ugly Betty) comes on stage at Rattlestick Playwrights Theatre to set up the 90 minutes of this solo, laughter filled, production, picks up Barbra Streisand’s coffee table book “My Passion for Design” and begins to read from it, I almost thought I was about to see another variety of the award-winning Celebrity Autobiography. But, no, instead Urie proceeds to take us on a tour-de-force of what the uber-famous and talented Ms. Barbra does in her spare time – – create a mall in the basement of the barn of her Malibu Estate (inspired by Winterhur, an art museum of small shops). Yes, there are stores of all kinds through which to meander . . . doll shop, yogurt shop, vintage clothing and so much more. It’s the extravagance of the rich and famous when they have nothing else to do with their time and money!

Why even Josh Brolin gets into the act when he sneaks downstairs for a yogurt during a dinner party for Barbara Boxer going on in the house. It’s a zany array of conversations as Alex’ excitement grows thinking he’s building a friendship with the star.

Cleverly kooky premise that makes for a lot of downright fun and games, brilliantly directed by Stephen Brackett.

If you don’t get a chance to see this at Rattlestick, 224 Waverly Place, NYC thru May 12th, the show is moving to a larger theatre, the 199 seat Barrow Street Theatre, to reopen on June 18th running thru Oct. 13th.