Opening Night – Broadway and the Bard with Len Cariou

  • Len Cariou, Roberta Maxwell
  • Barry Kleinbort,Heather & Len Cariou, Donna Trinkoff,Mark Janas
  • Karen Mason, Judy Kaye
  • Gary Delarosa, Loni Ackerman, Len
  • Penny Fuller, Anita Gillette
  • Marilyn Maye
  • Sarah Rice, Len
  • Karen Mason, Gregg Edelman
  • Lee Roy Reams
  • Penny Fuller, Len, Lee Roy Reams
  • Anita Gillette, Marilyn Maye, Penny Fuller
  • Len Cariou

Broadway and the Bard opened February 4th at the Lion Theatre and Theater Pizzazz' Maryann Lopinto was on the scene to capture it all. Tony Award winner (Sweeney Todd, A Little Night Music, Applause, Teddy & Alice). " Len Cariou is onstage without respite for 80 minutes. The narration is a joy and all the Shakespeare is splendidly performed" says Beatrice Williams-Rude in her review.The show runs thru March 6th at Theatre Row directed by Barry Kleinbort with Mark Janas as musical director and also as the full Greek Chorus!


Photos: Maryann Lopinto