Waiting for performance venues to reopen? It’s nothing short of frustration for everyone craving music and cabaret performance.  Here’s a tip during these challenging times.

Bernie Furshpan (former Managing Partner at the Metropolitan Room and creator of MetropolitanZoom) has found a brilliant answer and creative way to help performing artists negotiate this complex and evolving maze of technology. He’s secured studio space in Long Island City, producing an environment that simulates a small club in-person stage. Instead of putting the financial burden on the performers to create home studios, there is now MetZoom Studio A in Long Island City. Everything in one place and no added headaches to sell tickets. The Studio is filled with state-of-the art software, staging, lighting, cameras and high quality sound equipment.

Many shows have already been successfully produced making virtual events pain-free for the performer allowing them to do what they do best . . . bring their art, music and creativity to their audiences . . . and get paid!

You’ll want to know more so visit MetZoom.com or call Bernie Furshpan at 646-470-5653.