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by: Maryann Lopinto





SSC_0131 Karen, Gabriele Barre,Laura Osnes

Karen Mason, Gabrielle Barre, Laura Osnes

SSC_0184 Karen, Stephanie, Joseph Bwarie (jersey Boys)

Karen Mason, Stephanie J. Block, Joseph Bwarie

Broadway performers were summoned to participate and ask their friends to donate in their name…. for a certain goal  – –  A Sleep Out outside of Covenant House on West 41st Street where they slept in sleeping bags like many of the homeless kids do overnight – no luxuries here. It was Karen Mason who made me aware of this as she was one of those participating and reaching her goal via donors. At 11:30 pm the participants received their sleeping bags and went outside for the night. There was a sudden rainstorm with thunder and lightning at 4:00 am but the participants held true to their task.

SSC_0194Capathia, Lilli, Chuck Cooper

Capathia Jenkins, Lillie & Chuck Cooper

Prior to the actual sleep out that night, a reception was held where a video was shown about the kids who turn to Covenant House for support, sanctuary and skills to transition into independant living with a sense of hope & self esteem.  Monies raised go to provide a place to sleep, meals, job and financial counseling. They also have the opportunity to address issues about drug abuse, domestic violence and sex trafficking – all issues that, sadly, many of these kids have experienced.

Congratulations to the Broadway folks who have come to their aid.

SSC_0137 Darius & Aisha deHaas

Darius & Aisha deHaas

SSC_0167 Sebastian Arcelus, Stephanie

Sebastian Arcelus, Stephanie J. Block












All Photos: Maryann Lopinto