by JK Clarke . . .

Perhaps Broadway’s most iconic show, Phantom of the Opera, officially re-opened on Friday in a night of celebration at the Majestic Theatre.

Pre-show red carpet arrivals were followed by a special in-theater ceremony by Producer Cameron Macintosh and Phantom’s creator, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. Sir Andrew told the audience how excited he was for Phantom to be playing again and thanked the crowd for their patience and dedication and asked them to retrieve from under their seats special “Phantom” masks and put them on. They did, and a photo was taken from the stage. He then introduced Senator Chuck Schumer, who was a responsible for legislation which granted Broadway Theaters a subsidy that helped them stay in business during the pandemic shutdown.

Following the speeches, the play began. And, during the first scene, the auction, the grand chandelier was revealed and hoisted to the sky, to the approving roar of the audience. Broadway was back. Theater Pizzazz’s JK Clarke was on hand to capture all the excitement on camera.

After the show, anticipating the audience wouldn’t yet be ready to go home, a huge block party took place on West 44th Street in front of the Majestic Theatre. Cast members danced on the balconies and Andrew Lloyd Webber himself was in the DJ booth, to the delight of the crowds in the street, dancing to the beat. See the photos below.

Photos by JK Clarke

Red Carpet Arrivals

  • Andrew Lloyd Webber

Pre-Show Presentation

Curtain Call

  • Curtain Call

After Show Block Party Featuring DJ Set by Andrew Lloyd Webber

  • Dancing on the balcony