Photos: Chita Rivera Awards Nominees Party

Once on this Island

Monday Night, April 30, the nominees for the first Annual Chita Rivera Awards gathered at Bond 45 in Times Square to celebrate their accomplishment. The Chita Rivera Awards, whose mission is to "celebrate dance and choreographic excellence, preserve notable dance history, recognize past, present and future talents while promoting high standards in dance education and investing in the next generation," will be presented Sunday, May 20 at the NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, produced by Nikki Feirt Atkins, Joe Lanteri, Patricia Watt and Iris Smith. 

This year actress, dancer and choreographer Carmen De Lavallade will receive the annual Lifetime Achievement Award. A full list of this year's nominees can be found at the Chita Rivera Awards site, or directly here. Theater Pizzazz's JK Clarke was on hand to capture the nominees on the red carpet. 

  • Mean Girls
  • Carousel
  • Spongebob Squarepants
  • Patricia Watt, Joe Lanteri, Nikki Feirt Atkins
  • Paul Katz, Patricia Watt, Joe Lanteri
  • Nikki Feirt Atkins, Carmen de Lavallade, Joe Lanteri
  • Nikki Feirt Atkins, Joe Lanteri
  • Joe Lanteri (left)
  • Sonya Tayeh
  • Elizabeth Carena
  • Skye Mattox
  • Carmen de Lavallade
  • Ashley Park
  • Robert Fairchild
  • Nikhill Saboo, Troy Iwata
  • Joe Lanteri, Nikki Feirt Atkins


Photos: JK Clarke