Photos: The Parisian Woman Opening Night

Blair Brown, Josh Lucas, Uma Thurman, Phillipa Soo, Marton Csokas

Thursday, November 30 Beau Willimon's The Parisian Woman opened on at the Hudson Theatre, ushering in with it Uma Thurman's Broadway debut. Directed by Pam MacKinnon, The Parisian Woman is set in the present in Washington D.C., following the 2016 election, and follows the tribulations of Chloe (Thurman) a socialite with an uncertain future. Alongside Ms. Thurman, the five member cast also features Josh Lucas, Phillipa Soo, Blair Brown and Marton Csokas. 

Theater Pizzazz's JK Clarke was on hand to capture red carpet arrivals, curtain call and cast introductions after the show. Boldfaced names appearing on the red carpet included Gretchen Mol, Joel Grey, John Glover, Brian d'Arcy James, Zac Posen, Rachel Chavkin and Geneva Carr. 





Red Carpet Arrivals

  • Gretchen Mol
  • John Glover
  • Geneva Carr
  • Frank Doelger
  • Lia Vollack, Derek McLane
  • Rachel Chavkin
  • Joel Grey
  • Michael Kelly
  • Brian d'Arcy James
  • Jasmine Cephas Jones
  • Anthony Ramos
  • Zac Posen



Curtain Call




  • Josh Lucas, Uma Thurman, Marton Csokas
  • Pam MacKinnon, Beau Willimon
  • Beau Willimon
  • Uma Thurman
  • Josh Lucas
  • Josh Lucas, Marton Csokas
  • Josh Lucas, Marton Csokas
  • Uma Thurman
  • Uma Thurman, Beau Willimon
  • Pam MacKinnon, Josh Lucas, Uma Thurman, Beau Willimon, Marton Csokas
  • Uma Thurman
  • Blair Brown
  • Blair Brown, Phillipa Soo
  • Blair Brown, Phillipa Soo
  • Phillipa Soo
  • Blair Brown, Uma Thurman, Phillipa Soo
  • Zac Posen, Uma Thurman




Photos by JK Clarke