A.R. Gurney in 2014 – Photo © JK Clarke/Theater Pizzazz



Pulitzer Prize nominated playwright A.R. Gurney, whose work was known for its depiction of American WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) families, died at home Tuesday in Manhattan. He was 86.


His best-known works are “The Dining Room,” for which he was named a Pulitzer finalist for drama in 1985, “Love Letters,” (1988) which earned a Pulitzer finalist nod, and semi-autobiographical, “The Cocktail Hour.” He wrote almost 50 plays, several musicals and three novels.


His 1995 play Sylvia, which enjoyed a Broadway revival last year, featured a human actor plays a family dog. Sarah Jessica Parker played Sylvia in the original Off Broadway production.



He is survived by his wife Mary Forman “Molly” Goodyear and their four children.