Neatly put together in a new book Pop Culture New York City, this guide to Theaters, City Sites, Landmark Buildings, Sculptures. . .  featuring detailed maps, histories and so much more, will help anyone get around the maze of the Big Apple.

Broadway, movies, TV shows, iconic photographs, works of literature, landmark buildings, amazing sculptures, and historic cultural events—it’s all in Pop Culture New York City! While other NYC guidebooks can get you to Central Park, they won’t tell you where in the park to find the exact spots where over a hundred of your favorite movies were filmed or dozens of famous album covers were shot. That’s just one of literally hundreds of reasons why pop culture connoisseurs will want to get their hands on POP CULTURE NEW YORK CITY: The Ultimate Location Finder by Bob Egan (Applause Theatre & Cinema Books Trade Paperback Original; June 26, 2018; $19.99).

Here’s some of what you’ll find:

  • Specific addresses of over 40 of the premiere Broadway theaters.
  • The date they were each built.
  • Plays that have been performed at each venue.
  • Previous names of some of the theaters.
  • And the seating capacity for each venue.

Bob Egan is a longtime New Yorker and pop culture enthusiast who has merged his interests to create the internationally known website PopSpots ( on which he tracks down the exact location of famous pop culture photographs shot in New York (and elsewhere), including long-lost record album covers, famous rock photographs, and movie scene locations.  His website has been profiled by websites, newspapers, and magazines all over the world and is followed by rock ’n’ roll and pop culture fans from over 100 countries. He is also a registered New York City tour guide and gives tours and lectures of his discoveries.

The Ultimate Location Finder
By Bob Egan, Maps by Jim Egan