by:Sandi Durell

It’s an interesting combination plate – this daughter of a white Jewish go-go dancer mother and a black drug addicted famous comic father. It ain’t exactly bagels and lox!

 In one hour, Rain Pryor utters Yiddish-isms to make sure you’re aware that she’s aware that she’s got a right to latkes; – shekels, tuches, meshugener, kvetch and more. She’s got a myriad of Jewish jokes that have to do with her Bubbe; black jokes about her big hair and big black girlfriend Wanita, and being born into a family of pimps and hookers. She doesn’t care about political correctness as she repeats over and over again the word “nigger” – even attempting to get the audience to join in. This one-woman show is about growing up in the 70s and 80s in Beverly Hills and, like her dad, she uses a litany of the F word as emphasis.

She talks about everything from slavery and lynching and kibitzes about everyone, how her Mom became Joan Crawford from the hood when she went to see the Principal at Rain’s school to tell him off. She does a fine interpretation of her father Richard Pryor’s grandmother and talks openly about her father’s drug problems and attempts at suicide.

When Richard Pryor finally did pass on in 2005, even the funeral isn’t sacred as she relates the difficulties she had being the daughter of a man who had many wives and children. It was her parents’ fond desire that they be the forerunners of a new world of naked people of all colors, with afros, sitting together and singing.

Rain is as good a blues singer as she is a storyteller, concluding her show with a rendition of “God Bless the Child” accompanied by a three piece band under the musical direction of Charles Lindberg, with Chris Smith on bass and Edwin Briscoe, percussionist.

This one-woman show is revealing, and is a catharsis for Rain who had such complex growing up years and is able to speak so much truth and raw emotion, turning difficult times into laughter. Surely laughter heals.

Fried Chicken and Lakes plays at the Actors Temple on West 47th Street on Saturday, Sundays and Mondays. Ticket Information: Telecharge: 1-800-432-7250 or 212-239-6200,www.telecharge.com