Hideaway Circus presents the world premiere of REFLEX, a new solo show from the mind of master juggler and visual artist Jay Gilligan from January 28 to February 20, 2022 at MITU580 in Brooklyn (580 Sackett St).  REFLEX is a unique theatrical experience that interweaves stunning juggling sequences with stories about gravity and the secrets of an ancient craft. An internationally awarded performer who’s been featured on “America’s Got Talent,” Gilligan creates mesmerizing visual music through the timeless art of object manipulation.

Presented by multidisciplinary theatrical producing company Hideaway Circus (Beyond Babel), REFLEXis written by Jay Gilligan and Captain Frodo Santini, directed by Santini and Lyndsay Magid Aviner, and performed by Gilligan. The production features Lighting Design by Jeff Croiter, Original Music by Book Kennison, Juggling Ball Design by Ivar Heckscher, Photography by Hans Vera and Props Built by Drew AslesenPatrik Elmnert and Wes Peden serve as Juggling Consultants, with Erik Åberg as Conceptual Consultant, Eric Longequel as Writing Consultant, Peter Åberg as Music Consultant and Joe Fisher as Shaker Ball Consultant.