(Upper – Lindsay Nicole Chambers, Norm Lewis / Lower – Chris Renfro, Siho Ellsmore)

By Sandi Durell

DRACULA – that chilling, thrilling Halloween favorite is being heard on the new LIVE Immersive Radio Show – Resounding LIVE. There’s one more opportunity tonight, October 31 at 8 pm, on this bloody evening of ghouls and ghosts to hear Norm Lewis as Count Dracula.

This is a walk back in time when radio was the only form of home entertainment . . . the days when the family gathered around their box to listen to their favorite shows.

John Stimac, Dick Terhune, Stuart Williams

Dracula is filled with chills and thrills in this spine-tingling rendition . . . “teeth all large and sharp . . . kiss me” as the Count of Transylvania does his deed.

“Sunset – Pray – Strike! “flesh of my flesh . . . death of my death . . . claw, wing, tooth . . .”

The cast includes Lindsay Nicole Chambers as Mina, Siho Ellsmore as Lucy, Chris Renfro as Harker, John Stimac as 2nd Captain, Dick Terhune as Van Helsing and Stuart Williams as Seward.  The show runs approximately one hour. The sound design is by Ien DeNio

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