Get ready for master impressionist Rich Little making his NY debut as Richard M. Nixon in the new Off-Broadway play Trial on the Potomac: The Impeachment of Richard Nixon.

The play, written by George Bugatti, was inspired by Geoff Shepard’s book The Real Watergate Scandal and imagines what would have happened if Nixon had not resigned and instead stook trial for impeachment.

Little has made merry with many a political figure including Kennedy to Biden. He will be joined by Lea Jones as Diane Sawyer, Richard Wingert as Ted Kennedy, John Ramaine as G. Gordon Liddy, Nick Mauldin as Geoff Shepard, Paul Caliendo as Justice Warren Burger, Victor Colicchio as Judge John Sirica, James Gavin as Leon Jaworski, Tom Gregory as Peter Rodino, Matthew Hammond as John Dean, Chris Lazzaro as Phil Lacovara, Chris Rojas as James Flug, Troy Sill as James St. Clair and Lou Vitulli as H.R. Haldeman.

The play runs August 4 thru Sept. 4 at Theatre at St. Clement’s 423 West 46 St. NYC