by Sandi Durell


It’s with great sadness that I write this;  that the creative and vibrant 57 year old Rick McKay was found dead in his apartment and everyone is awaiting more news on the cause of death.

Rick’s hit 2004 kiss to Broadway legends ‘Broadway: The Golden Age’ was the first in a series of two sequels that he was working on.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been an associate producer on the 2004 film, getting to know and work with Rick and the many who were part of that legendary production.

The only words we have, at this point are what has  been posted by family on Facebook:

With deep deep sadness, we share the news of our brother Rick’s peaceful passing this week.
There was no one like Rick.
He was so involved in life….loving, generous, smart, funny. His unwavering example of boundless energy, positive enthusiasm and brilliant humor will continue to inspire all who knew him.
The legacy of his historic and fascinating work will always continue to teach and to entertain. A great historian of the theater.
Without him, the world is a much darker place today, but, somewhere, he’s brought along his ever constant wit and sense of great fun…….. and there’s a very satisfying, hilarious party going on.

Linda, Stephen, Stacie, Sandy and Hope


When there is more information, Theater Pizzazz will bring it to you!