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by: Bre Northrup


Part of the 16th Annual Midtown Theater Festival’s variety performances, New York City’s high energy hiphop improv team, Robopop, filled the room with laughs and hilarious rap music improv. Comprised of eight members and a beatboxer (Arabelle Luke), Robopop performs a fusion of improvisational comedy and hip hop music.

Amidst their creative and hilarious improv scenes, the team collectively decides upon a moment to break into a rap related to the current set. For this particular show, the team energetically collected a suggestion from the audience: “swing-set.” The team performed the under the traditional Harold structure, and incorporated their own unique style of musical improv into every scene. Group standouts were Meg Reilly, an improviser, whose wit and intelligent comedic style left the audience in tears, and Arabelle Luke, the groups female beatboxer who was an exceptional addition to this improv team.

Robopop recently announced that they will be performing in the New York Musical Improv Festival in October.

The Midtown Theater Festival runs through August 2nd   – www.midtowntheaterfestival.org 

Venue: Davenport Theatre, 354 W. 45th Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues.