By Joel Benjamin




Sandra Bargman advanced through the audience toward the tiny Duplex stage on January 30th singing “There’ll Be Some Changes Made” (B. Overstreet/W. Blackstone), channeling her inner Sophie Tucker, filling the room with her charisma. Her show, The Edge of Every Day, was saturated in New Age philosophy, perhaps too saturated, but she managed to translate her zeal into a fascinating evening of song, helped by her music director/co-songwriter/backup singer Ian Herman. (I have to admit I wasn’t totally clear on the entire “edge” thing, but that did not prevent me from admiring Ms. Bargman.)

Her own composition (with Mr. Herman), “Who’s to Say?” was a contemplation of all the convergences of life. Switching gears completely, her next number was the cute period ditty “Be My Little Bumblebee” (H. Marshall/S. Murphy) which involved a lot of audience tail waggling and the handing out of tiny bumblebee erasers. “Crazy Eyes” (David Cantor) was a dark song, given a sultry, edgy performance. She embodied the ecstasy and despair of being in an overwhelming relationship.

Emotions ranged from the exultant (“Coming Out of the Dark” – G. Estefan/J. Secada) to the sensual “Kama Sutra,”( D. Rhymer) to the buoyant anthem “Everyday People” (S. Stone) into which she interpolated a energetically performed, tongue-twisting bit of rap, “Lean In Edgy Ones” (S. Bargman).

There was much talking, several costume changes and a great deal of moving into and out of the audience, pulling us into her lovely fantasies. The show, directed by Shawn Moninger, also included Dave Silliman on percussion and Jerry DeVore on bass, both of whom seemed to be having a great time which is always a great sign!

Sandra Bargman
The Edge of Everyday
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The Duplex
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