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AUGUST 3, 2015. This past weekend, actor-turned-filmmaker Michael Lee Stever, (Super Force, Broadway; The Golden Age) and revered stage actress and Academy Award nominee Piper Laurie (The Hustler, Twin Peaks, Carrie) joined Scares That Care founder Joe Ripple and his entire team in Williamsburg, Virginia for the second annual Scares That Care Weekend film festival and convention.





Scares That Care is seeking to change the face of the American film festival. With hundreds of film festivals and genre events scattered from coast to coast, to date they are one of the only festivals in the United States that are donating all net proceeds to the families of their 2015 Campaign. Additionally, in a move designed to inspire other horror conventions, at this year’s convention, the Heritage Humane Society had a booth setup to collect money and items for the animals under their care.


Beloved actress and horror icon Piper Laurie was on hand for a screening of Michael Stever’s 2012 documentary short film, Resurrecting Carrie, features Laurie as well as a host of other industry professionals who share thoughts on how Stephen King’s classic novel, Brian DePalma’s legendary film, and Dean Pitchford and Michael Gore’s cult hit musical influenced, inspired and helped steer their paths.  A Q&A with Stever and Laurie followed immediately after the screening. Both videos can be found at the end of this article



Visit to learn more about the convention and go to to learn more about the charity itself.