By: Avis Alger


Artistic Director Robert Lyons’ program statement rings true “this play was 20 years ahead of its time.”  Despite today’s glorious movement towards gay marriage and alternative families, this comedy is not only dark, but uncommon.

And Baby Makes Seven, written by Pulitzer Prize winner Paula Vogel, has a unique cast of characters, three of which are imaginary children. The play is a loving and intimate portrait of a non-traditional family’s sacrifices and challenges as they embark upon parenthood.

This is brilliantly directed by Marc Stuart Weitz, and performed by a remarkable cast! Weitz had tremendous use of the entire space to keep the action moving, and the audience engaged. Susan Bott is quite the effortless chameleon, completely transforming into 3 characters and executing comedia dell’arte like scenes, by herself, flawlessly, while eating!

Constance Zaytoun is a compelling soon to be mom who also transforms to another sweet child.  And Ken Barnett depicts the doting sensitive lone male of the house soon to be father.  This piece shows off the range, agility, and generosity of its finely polished sparkling ensemble. I felt as if I was literally peering into their home.

If you are looking for a touching yet unusual story, a glimpse into a lifestyle less known, and a piece that illustrates excellent character driven storytelling, consider And Baby Makes Seven.

Now running at the New Ohio Theatre, 154 E. Christopher St. Ste. 1 E., through Saturday, April 12. newohiotheatre.org For tickets call: Vendini Ticket Line, (888)596-1027.


Photos: Steven Schreiber