Mark William



By Sandi Durell


For those of you familiar with the talented Mark William, who presented his first show Come Croon With Me at The Green Room 42 last year, I’m preaching to the choir. But if, by chance, he’s a new name in your musical repertoire, I urge you to get to know and listen to ( this extraordinary young man who was then asked to reprise that show several times, each time to a sold out crowd with the added glamour of many famous celebs in his audience.

I recently attended Mark’s foray into the world of making his first debut recording to get some insight into what this experience feels like for him.

What’s it like being locked in a sound booth and not performing to a live audience? Well, it surely can raise some genuine concerns, says Mark. Although Mark says he’s done a little bit of recording, it’s never been his own album (Come Croon With Me) nor spending so much time and emotional input into sharing the music he loves with what surely will become so many more listeners. The album is about the Great American Songbook and it includes lots of Broadway and The Golden Age of Hollywood. Mark is blessed with a unique style that is his very own.


(L-R)The Team-Ken Bloom, Matt Zwyer, Josiah Lamb, Clint Edwards, Lou Holtzman (East Side Sound), Sam Zerna, Jernej Bervar, Jonathan Ward, Preston Ridge, Mark William and Richie Ridge


Seated: Clint Edwards (M.D.), Mark William; Standing: Richie Ridge, Preston Ridge


The key to Mark’s success is that he’s a quick learner, takes direction well and pays attention to what the professionals around him have to say like Ken Bloom (100 Years of American Popular Music – The American Songbook: The Singers, Songwriters & The Songs) for instance, and managers Preston Ridge and Richie Ridge.

He doesn’t seem the least bit upset when he listens to a recorded track, hears that he’s screwed up a lyric here or there and has to do another take. He’s got that certain something – I think it’s called self-assurance aside from unbridled talent!

This debut album is just about completed and will soon be in your hands to savor and enjoy. But, simultaneously, Mark is already in preparation for a new show entitled Mark William: Feeling Good that will debut at The Green Room 42 on November 22. What’s it about? Mark says “it’s very different and will be approaching more pop from various eras. It will be a mix and definitely reinvented.”

Mark’s very favorite genre of music? He likes finding good songs in all musical arenas, see if there’s a match and how he might fit into a song. In addition, some original material would suit him just fine and it looks like that’s in the offering.

What I found most impressive was how relaxed Mark is in a recording session and how much he sounds the same as when he’s on the stage singing live.

There’s so much more going on in Mark William’s professional life, not for publication yet. But . . . stay tuned! With upcoming luxury cruise engagements on his plate and appearing in Young Frankenstein at the Walnut Street Theatre, his calendar is looking quite busy.

And do mark November 22 on your calendar at The Green Room 42. when Mark will debut his brand new show and also celebrate the release of his first debut solo album.


Photos: Genevieve Rafter Keddy

Video: Sandi Durell