Desmond Child


Theater Pizzazz’ Sandi Durell visited with Grammy winning and Emmy nominated Desmond Child at his New York digs to talk about his most recent live recording at Feinstein’s/54 Below – ‘Desmond Child Live’ – a first performance outing for Desmond after a 40 year absence from the stage, and doing his own show, showcasing his global mega-hits and reuniting with Rouge members. But that’s not all. . . of course, the award-winning songs speak for themselves and the extraordinary songwriting partnerships with such groups as KISS, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and teen group Hanson and writing “Weird,” render more clues about the remarkable Desmond Child.

The insight, however, into the man when he speaks not only of inspirations writing the Billboard #1 hits and more than 80 Top Billboard singles, but how songs like “Livin’ on A Prayer” can make the difference between life and death; of his boyhood growing up poor in the Liberty City Projects, his Mother (songwriter/poet Elena Casals) and how he had no choice but to make it!

Hear about Halsey and his collaboration with Davitt Sigerson working on the eventual Broadway bound musical about his family before and after the revolution – Cuba Libre. And what about his hobbies . . . you’d be surprised!

What a kick to be in the presence of genius!


Desmond Child

Sandi Durell with Desmond Child


Interview: Sandi Durell

Photos/Filming: Jeffrey Vizcaino