Laura Fois, Doc Dougherty



By Shoshana Medney


St. Peter’s Foot will make you laugh, question some of your life choices and make you grateful for the people in your life:

Written by Anna Theresa Cascio and directed by Molly Fowler, there is cohesive nature to the play. It touches on real relationship issues and modern day questions. The decision on whether or not to have children, how people see themselves and trust their loved ones. With a few political lines thrown into the mix, St. Peter’s Foot makes you think deeper about your own opinions.



Doc Dougherty (Mike Tully) physically embodies his character to the point you are not sure if he’s playing Mike, or himself. The casual singing and dancing along to his stereo lightens up the mood in what is a playful, but sincere performance.

Laura Fois (Roma Ricci) allows you to see yourself in Roma. Questioning decisions made in your past and how you see them today. When a gift arrives at their doorstep, it makes Roma and Mike re-think their lifestyle. It also brings up what it means to sacrifice something you want for someone else.

Mike is a retired firefighter, who heroically responded to the 9/11 attacks and often thinks about his fallen brothers and sisters. This makes his character relatable to anyone, especially New Yorkers, who remember those terrible events.



Mike and Roma show us a couple in love figuring out how to let the past go and embrace the future.

The 1 hour and 10 minute show will keep you engaged and curious to find out what happens next in these two characters’ lives.

Photos: Gerry Goodstein
St. Peter’s Foot, Wednesdays – Saturdays 8 pm at The Fellowship Hall at Ft. Washington Collegiate Church, 729 West 181 Street, NYC Tickets: