by: JK Clarke


Where do you send visitors and aficionados alike to get a dose of New York City nostalgia and class? Why The Café Carlyle to see Joanne Tatham’s “Soundtrack New York” performance, of course!

There’s no other city in the world that has had so many songs, odes and soundtracks written for it as New York, and Tatham beautifully captures some of the best. From breathy Breakfast at Tiffany’s hallmark, “Moon River” to the Ghostbusters pop sensation (who ya gonna call?) to “Shaft” to a classic medley of unforgettable and insidious Gershwin numbers — Tatham covers them all. It’s a beautifully nostalgic trip down cinematic memory lane. And what better setting than the lovely and elegant Café Carlyle with its mural setting created by French artist Marcel Vertès, the Oscar-winning art director of the 1952 Moulin Rouge. With a cool, bubbling glass of champagne and a friend, there’s no better way to spend an autumn in New York evening.

Tatham peppers her numbers with some of their film and location history and banters with her wonderful quartet, produced by Clifford Bell and led by the unmatchable Billy Stritch on piano (and Tedd Firth for the October 10 & 11 dates), Steve Doyle (bass), Sean Harkness (guitar) and Peter Grant (drums).

“Soundtrack New York” is a classic show in a New York City setting. This is the full-immersion part of the NYC tour, the one stop that your guests, be they local or long-distance, will never stop talking about.

Joanne Tatham in “Soundtrack New York.” Remaining shows October 10 & 11 at Café Carlyle (The Carlyle Hotel, 25 East 76th Street at Madison Avenue).