Stephanie Nakasian




Happy to add jazz singer Stephanie Nakasian to the list of #PerformersSingForFans. Stephanie has recorded 14 albums and wants to share her thoughts, and this song, with you.


Veronica Swift – Stephanie Nakasian

Matt Baker – Karl Kimmel

“Hi everyone – it’s a pleasure to be here with you all.  This video features my original song “Comin’ Alive” (also the name of my first CD – of 14 I have released).  It was made for a Public Television special paying tribute to the Arts in Virginia, where I live.  It also features the great NY-based Australian pianist Matt Baker and NY-er, now Virginian, Karl Kimmel. on bass.  I wrote it at a time when I was leaving Wall Street to try to make it as a jazz singer in 1988 with my partner (late husband) jazz piano great Hod O’Brien.  That was over 30 years ago and I haven’t looked back.
It was a time of change for me, as is this new life without Hod (who passed in 2016) and with our daughter Veronica Swift out there on her own doing so well and with all these challenges our country and world are facing.  Time to re-think, re-define and re-dedicate myself to teaching, singing, writing and to life!  I hope you enjoy this and will check out my website and my CDs and books.  Thank you – Keep Singing and Swinging!           Stephanie