The American Tap Dance Foundation’s TAP IT OUT presented a LIVE PERFORMANCE IN THE MIDDLE OF TIMES SQUARE on Saturday, July 10 as a free public event in Father Duffy Square/ Times Square/ Broadway, 7th Ave & W 47th St, marking the conclusion of TAP CITY, The New York City Tap Festival. 

The Tap it Out event, hosted by Tony Waag, presented tap dancers on individual portable boards in a structured improvisation, followed by unison choreography and the “Shim Sham Shimmy.” THE U.S. POSTAL SERVICE presented a Commemorative Forever® Stamps First Day of Issue Dedication Ceremony for their new series of stamps in honor of tap dance 

Tony Waag – Michael Lee Stever

Each stamp features a photograph of one of five NYC tap dancers (Ayodele Casel, Dormeshia, Derick K. Grant, Michela Marino-Lerman & Max Pollak) performing their craft against a brightly colored background that highlights the dancer’s shaping and movement. The stamp’s photographer Matthew Murphy, and several of the dancers pictured on the stamps attended.

Video/Photos: Michael Lee Stever