Teen Idol Bobby Rydell, looking pretty darn good, was at the famed Patsy’s Italian Restaurant on West 54th Street on April 25th to celebrate his book Teen Idol on the Rocks: A Tale of Second Chances and to blow out the candles on his birthday cake!

He grew up on the fabled mid twentieth century streets of South Philly, reigning supreme in a “camelot” life of fame.  He describes his battles with alcoholism, and a double transplant surgery that saved his life. The book will be released on May 4th and proves to be a compelling autobiography.


“Crosby, Sinatra, Como, Damone, Lawrence, Darin, and — in a different idiom — Frankie Laine, Johnnie Ray, and even Elvis Presley. To be such an artist takes more sweat, strain, intense devotion, and dedication than most people can conceive of. Bobby Rydell is that type of artist.” — FRANK SINATRA, JR.

Theater Pizzazz’ Magda Katz was on the scene to capture all the celebs who came out to celebrate Bobby’s book and birthday!  Take a look!


Photos: Magda Katz


Bobby Rydell

Bobby Rydell

Bobby Rydell, Bill Boggs

Bobby Rydell, Bill Boggs


Gilbert Gottfried, Jackie Martling

Gilbert Gottfried, Jackie Martling


Bobby Rydell, Paul Shaffer, Joe Piscopo


Sal (owner of Patsys), Danny Aiello, Bobby Rydell, Joe Piscopo


Bobby and Tony Danza


Allan Slutsky (author), Aiello, Rydell, Piscopo