David Goodside of The Beach Cafe, home of the world famous Beach Burger, and now one of the most important and intimate Cabaret venues in NYC, has news about this neighborhood institution located at 1326 Second Avenue on the corner of east 70th St. that has been there for over 50 years.”It’s been an honor and a lot of fun to serve the UES, but now it’s time for The Beach Cafe to return the favor for our brave and courageous Health Care Workers. 

Being just one block away from 4 of the most important and largest public hospitals in NYC (Sloan Kettering Hospital, Hospital For Special Surgery, New York Presbyterian Hospital and Cornell Weill Hospital) and just steps away from the entrance to the new Second Avenue Subway station, we are perfectly located for health care workers who might want to stop in on the way to their hospital shifts and pick up one of our delicious Beach Burgers and Fries to enjoy as they head into their very hazardous but vital life saving positions.

There are many food establishments, organizations and professionals around this great country and several right here in NYC offering meal assistance to the hardworking and selfless medical work force at this time and we want to applaud their noble work and stand shoulder to shoulder in that effort. 

So here’s how we are doing it. We will match every donation dollar for dollar with an equal amount in food. If you donate 5 Beach Burgers to be given to hospital workers we will give them 10. If you donate a fixed dollar amount of say $100 worth of Beach Burgers we will provide them with $200 worth of Beach Burgers. We broke the seal with our launch date on Wednesday April 15th and gave out over 450 FREE Beach Burgers and French Fries. We intend to roll out another 500 FREE Beach Burgers every Wednesday until the COVID crisis comes under control. We will be set up for Grab and Go services for hospital staff who would like to pick up a FREE LUNCH as they are walking past our front doors.

We have the staff ready and eager to go but we need YOUR help to make an impact that really matters. This is where your valuable donation comes in. With your donation and our matching funds we will be able to feed hundreds, maybe thousands of these brave hospital personnel. Doctors, nurses, administrators, security officers, maintenance workers, those who clean, those who deliver, those who stock the shelves and all those who are going into battle everyday against the virus.”

Video: Magda Katz