I Agree To The Terms, an interactive virtual event from the OBIE-winning The Builders Association, will livestream for 12 performances, from Friday, March 25 through Sunday, April 3 at 2 and 5 pm. Directed by Marianne WeemsI Agree To The Terms is being created in collaboration with a community of “MTurks” (Amazon Mechanical Turks) who train the algorithms that shape our online experience.

MTurks (or microworkers) earn from $1 to $100 a day in a vast, unregulated industry, executing assignments that are repetitive, boring, maddening, and sometimes disturbing.  Amazon MTurk is  a crowdsourcing website that enables businesses to hire remotely located workers to perform discrete on-demand tasks that computers are currently unable to do. In this 45-minute online encounter, audiences will enter the “Builders Marketplace,” train with actual microworkers and compete for paying jobs while being timed, rated and ultimately paid (in virtual “Builders coin”).

Contributors to I Agree To The Terms include performer Moe Angelos (The Five Lesbian Brothers); performer David Pence (a Builders founding member); MTurk collaborators Michelle Brown, Noel Castle, Adah Deveaux, and Sybil Lanham; and writer and dramaturg James Gibbs.

The Builders Association is an NYC-based, cross-media performance company. They use the richness of new and old tools to extend the boundaries of theater, telling original stories that examine the impact of media on various cultures and communities. Founded in 1994 by Marianne Weems, The Builders’ work is made by a core group of collaborators that includes Moe Angelos, Dan Dobson, James Gibbs, David Pence, Lawrence Shea, Austin Switser, and Jennifer Tipton, in addition to hundreds of collaborators across creative disciplines.