The Finkel Brothers – Two Hot Commodities Continue

Elliot Finkel at piano, Ian Finkel on xylophone (8/3/17 ) 


By Sandi Durell
Video by Magda Katz


The Metropolitan Room was abuzz, once again on August 3, and filled with fans of the renowned Finkel Brothers – Ian and Elliot – sons of the famous Fyvush Finkel, an entertainment legend who passed away at the age of 93 in 2016. Each has his specialty: Ian, the world’s greatest Xylophonist, Elliot an amazing concert pianist. Between the two of them, and their band members, they literally tore up the stage with musical genius.


It was an evening featuring Gershwin melodies in extraordinary interpretations, riffs, blends and segues and some familiar Latin, like Quizas (Osvaldo Farres) that took me back to my much younger days when I’d rhumba the night away.


Including the Gershwin greats like “They All Laughed,” a medley of tunes (“I Got Rhythm, “ “Oh, Lady Be Good,” “Summertime” “ Who Could Ask for Anything More”) were securely wrapped up in “Rhapsody in Blue” uniquely arranged with a flow that astounds the senses.


Ian Finkel


Eliott Finkel


When Ian is working those mallets on the xylophone keys, it’s hard to tell where the instrument begins and Ian ends . . . they morph and blend, his emotional synergy in complete harmony. Elliot, of the flying fingers on piano, makes wondrous musical moments of remarkable interpretive fills and thrills. He sounds like a full orchestra, my reaction: one of amazement.

You don’t want to miss this pair who will be returning with a new show on August 3 together with their exceptional band including Martin Fisher on drums, Ed Sterbenz on bass and Jay Berliner on guitar.


The Finkel Brothers have a fine format, including a comic at each show. On July 15, the very loveable Bob Greenberg tore up the stage with, yes, clean jokes that actually brought thunderous laughter from the audience. And there’s nobody who does impressions better when it comes to Lou Costello, Hitchcock and Gleeson. This is one funny guy!




The Finkel Bros. back to the Metropolitan Room on Sept. 9 at 9:30 pm with a  guest comic.   212 206-0440


Photos: Magda Katz