On October 17, 2020 at 7:00 pm, True Colors Project will honor LGBTQ+ History Month with an online performance of The Man With The Floppy Ears, celebrating the stories of marginalized, oppressed communities.

Playwrights Elwhy Jones and Philip Reissman have created The Man With The Floppy Ears not only as a witty play with music but as historical fiction. “It tells a compelling love story set in the 1930’s. It also speaks of a pandemic (Spanish flu), police brutality, the Depression and authoritarianism. All of which is eerily relevant to current events happening right now in the United States,” says Jones.  Reissman explains, in 1927, New York State’s Wales Padlock Law threatened theaters “depicting or dealing with the subject of sex degeneracy or sex perversion,” with being padlocked, shut down. In 1930, Hollywood followed suit with the Hays Code.