By Sandi Durell



As a follow up to the ever popular ‘The Ride’ – a more theatrically based sightseeing journey through Manhattan, the uniquely innovative multimedia concept (by creator Richard Humphrey), allows for 49 people to be seated on three levels of stadium style seating, as they peer through massive windows and ceiling, taking in major New York buildings, architecture and sites  –   the city where 58.3 million visitors came calling in 2015.


The buses are fitted with flashing LED lights, video screens and sound effects, allowing for even a rumbling mechanical subway effect. It’s an out-of-the-box tour of Manhattan with a different kind of narration (I’m sure our guide, Rory, has had stage experience) as she gives insights and in-depth historical informative details ranging from Hell’s Kitchen, Broadway, Central Park, Lincoln Center, The Plaza Hotel, Trump Tower (yes, Spielberg and Beyonce do live there), in and thru KoreaTown and its myriad of restaurants, to the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings and other landmarks that make up the world’s most popular City.


The 90 minutes, encompassing 55 sites on a 5.5 mile route, of a little too loud for my taste narration, was more than enthusiastic and surely what out-of-town visitors would get that proverbial kick from experiencing.


The Tour is a great BIG window to the world of New York City, and as you pass, people on the street wave and take photos. Do wave back!