THE FAIREST premieres at The Wild Project on October 19 presented by a new, young theatre company. It chronicles the story of the all-women ink and paint department at the early Disney animation studio, in their mad dash to finish Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs under extreme working conditions and the physical and psychological toll it takes on them. I hoped you would consider checking the show out for review.

Inspired by countless books, articles, and interviews with people who worked at Disney during the 30s, the characters are composites of actual women who worked under extreme conditions in the fabled “Nunnery.”
Snow White is the original Disney Princess, a role model for generations of girls. Ironically, she originated largely through the underpaid and uncredited work of young women. What was the impact of these cheery, perfectionistic images on the sleep-deprived young women who had to paint them during mandatory overtime, tracing the work of the male animators who didn’t respect them?

Set in the Great Depression, with women working in uncertain times, the story has relevance now as many reports show the pandemic’s disproportionate effect on women in the workforce. ( (

THE FAIREST runs for a week, but the story continues in December with a streaming Part 2, presented as a stand-alone teleplay in short episodes on our own platform, included with each ticket purchased.
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