Keenan Scott II, Brian Moreland, and Steve H. Broadnax III
Photo: Emilio Madrid-Kuser . . .

Producers Brian MorelandRon SimonsDiana DiMennaSamira WileySheryl Lee RalphThe Shubert Organization, and The Nederlander Organization announced that Thoughts of a Colored Man, the new play by Keenan Scott II, directed by Steve H. Broadnax III, will play Broadway’s Golden Theatre (252 West 45th Street).

Signaling a genuine moment of optimism about the future return of theater to New York City,  the marquee for Thoughts of a Colored Man was installed at the Golden Theatre making it the first new show to take up residence at a Broadway theater since the pandemic forced all plays and musicals to stop performances on March 12, 2020. Cast information will be forthcoming.