Based on the children’s book King Timmy the Great by Sandra Hochman (book & lyrics) and Tad Danielak, with book, lyrics and music by Gary Kupper, this madcap musical tells the story of 9 year old Timmy who inherits the throne of the Kingdom of Hearts from the deceased King Edward the Sensible.

All those kiddies living in the Kingdom want to be treated as adults and so they stage a revolution and occupy the palace lawn demanding change. The neighboring kings (a comic trio of King John the Nervous, King Andre the Gluttonous and King Marvin the Slow-Minded) use the opportunity to try and take over the country. But it is King Timmy, in his childlike wisdom, who thwarts the devious kings.

Timmy the Great, with it’s 12 member cast, directed by Julie Arenal and Jay Binder, begins performances at Theater for the new City (155 1st Ave, NYC) August 15th.  Tickets are $20 SmartTix  http:/www.smarttix.com