New immersive theater is the New Theater!  Created and directed by Kristin Marting, co-founder and Artistic Director of HERE, and created by David Evans Morris, “Trade Practices” will examine the notion of ‘value’ agains the backdrop of the booms and busts of the past decade. The production runs October 18 – November 3 in a site to be selected.

The work follows the fictional currency company Tender, Inc. on its journey from family business to publicly-gtraded corporation, through original texts presented simultaneously in competing episodes. Each episode centers on the same period in the life of the company, told from the perspective of a specific group – owners, managers, marketers and workers. Using fictional currency, audience members buy ‘shares’ in one of these four storylines, granting them admission to that episode. Various trading rounds give opportunities for swapping shares or selling for a profit that can be used to buy additional stock. The audience doesn’t just watch – they get to choose the story to follow at a given moment – exploring how we decide what something is worth and what we value.

The cast: Teddy Alvaro, Molly Anne Coogan, Annie Henk, Pete McCabe, Mari Newhard, Michael Rosete, Kaneza Schaai, Maria Striar, Dax Valdes and Lauren Young.

Written by: Erin Courtney, Elsa Davis, Robert Lyons, Qui Nguyen, KJ Sanchez, Chris Wells.