On Sunday evening March 20, 5pm to 7:00pm Theater Resources Unlimited will Honor CATE CAMMARATA of CreateTheater.com as recipient of the 2022 TRU Entrepreneur Award, and will remember friend and colleague VAN DIRK FISHER of the Riant Theatre, Strawberry Festival and Jocunda Festival.

Directors: Andrea Andresakis, Glynn Borders, Robert Cuccioli, Cady Huffman, Rain Pryor,Ben Harney, Sharifa Williams
Technologists: Jay Lucas Chacon, Henry Garou, Jens Haulund, Brian Lawton, Carley Santori

The event will feature Danny Bolero, Brenda Braxton, Todd Buonopane, Terry Burrell, Phil Chin, Veanne Cox, Jonathan Dauermann, Penelope Hsu, Daralyn Jay, Jacob Henrie-Naffaa, Patrick John O’Dea, Jessica Luu Pelletier, Bruce Sabath, Guy Whitlock… HEAR OUR VOICES! Tickets:  TRUSpeakTix.com.

Producers: Maureen Condon, Merrie L. Davis, Jesica Garou,
Melvina Douse-Manuel, Neil MacDuffie, Claudia Zahn
Executive producers: Bob Ost, Iben Cenholt, Joe Nelms and Janel Scarborough

This annual fundraising gala reinvented for these virtual – and challenging – times,  is an evening to raise awareness of current social issues, as well as awareness of the work TRU has been doing for the theater community for over 28 years. www.truonline.org